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Bông Hồng Hoang Dại 2019 hd vietsub. Fresh out of jail after one year imprisoned for narcotics possession, Rose-Lynn Harlan is a 23 years-old working-class girl from Glasgow, Scotland, who tries to rectify her chaotic life: foul-mouthed, streetwise, rebellious and free-spirited, Rose-Lynn reunites with her children, older Wynonna and younger Lyle, cared for during her imprisonment by their grandmother Marion, who openly despises her daughter’s lifestyle. A worker in the bakery of a shopping center for twenty years, Marion struggles to understand her daughter, who becomes determined to travel Nashville, Tennesse (country music’s cradle) to become a famous country singer. Due to a lack of resources and her poor academic studies, Rose-Lynn tries to return to her former job as a singer in the country bar Grand Ole Opry, having been fired by owners Jackie and Alan after they learn about her conviction. Thanks to Marion’s good name, Rose-Lynn gets a job as a cleaning lady in the house of Susannah, an upper-class woman married …

bông hồng hoang dại 2018 hd vietsub

Bông Hồng Hoang Dại 2019 hd vietsub

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